Keys to Choosing Custom Woven Wire Mesh for Sifters

If you plan on designing a sifter from scratch, focusing on the wire mesh portion of this device is important. It's responsible for removing materials you don't want to reveal things you're searching for. Having the wire mesh aspect customized won't be overwhelming if you take these steps throughout this process.

Assess Environment and Materials Relevant to Sifting Operations

After going through the customization steps to manufacturer woven wire mesh for a sifting device, you want no doubts about how the wire mesh will hold up. You can spend time reviewing the environments and materials the mesh will be around to find a long-lasting choice.

For instance, if you're using the sifter with extremely hot materials, the custom woven wire mesh needs to have a special coat to not take damage. Whereas, if the mesh could come in contact with a corrosive environment, getting resistant materials like brass and bronze would serve your sifting operations best.

Ensure Mesh is Cut Flush Near the Edges

It's pretty typical for a sifter to be near your body when being used. You have to shake it back and forth to get materials to fall through effectively. You want to be safe when carrying out these sifting motions and you will if you ensure the custom woven wire mesh is cut flush around the edges.

There shouldn't be any sections of wire mesh sticking out around the sifter because that would potentially expose you to accidents. A flush cut around the perimeter will ensure wire mesh stays safe to work with.

Test Openings of Woven Wire Mesh Samples

The openings of the custom woven wire mesh put on your sifter have to be perfect because if they're not, your sifting activities may be negatively affected. For instance, if you went with openings that were too large, materials may move through the sifter too fast and then not reveal the things you're looking for effectively.

You'll have a better time judging which opening size is appropriate for your sifting applications by testing out a couple of different openings in real-time. You can have a wire mesh manufacturer send over some samples that you experiment with carefully. 

Sifters rely on woven wire mesh to leave behind different things. If you're having this part of a sifter customized by a wire mesh manufacturer, spend as much time as you need working out key design and material details. 

For more information about custom woven wire mesh, contact a local business near you.