4 Types Of Basic Architectural Services

Architects play an integral role in the design and construction of most buildings. If you haven't had the opportunity to work with an architect in the past, you may be overwhelmed with all of the services an architectural firm can offer.

A thorough understanding of basic architectural services will give you the foundation you need to communicate with an architect on any future projects.

1. Programming

Architectural firms will use the term "programming" when offering their services to potential clients. Programming in an architectural firm has nothing to do with computers. Instead, programming refers to the consulting process between an architect and a client.

The scope of the work that needs to be designed will be discussed, and the architect will ask a lot of questions to determine your problems, wants, and needs. Programming acts as the basis for the development of an architectural design.

2. Schematic Design

The basic form of a building will begin to manifest during the schematic design phase of an architectural project. Schematic design features a lot of sketching as opposed to formal drawing.

An architect will develop a basic floor plan and systems schematic using various sketches. By the time the schematic design services have been completed, you will have a complete description of the initial interior and exterior designs and finishes.

3. Design Development

Once a sketched design has been fully developed and approved, design development can begin. An architect will flesh out the design by identifying specific materials that will be used in the construction of the building.

The beauty, durability, and cost of each potential material will be considered during the design development phase of any construction project. You will be working closely alongside your architect to select materials that meet your aesthetic.

Since the structural design of the building is complete, you can focus on incorporating tile, granite, wood, and stone into the overall aesthetic of the finished building.

4. Construction Administration

One of the most valuable services that an architectural firm can offer is construction administration.

After the blueprints have been generated and the design finalized, you want to ensure that the contractor you have chosen to erect your building follows these plans to the last detail. An architect will act as your agent throughout the construction process.

Any questions that a contractor has will be clarified by the architect, and the architect will conduct routine inspections to ensure that your project is progressing according to your specifications.