How Long Will A Steel Erection Take?

If you need to have a steel structure erected, you might wonder how long the process might take. There are many variables that can affect the amount of time that the structural steel erectors must spend on erecting your building. For example, if the structure is larger, it will take longer to erect. However, if you're concerned about how long the structure will take to erect, a structural steel erector can help give you an estimate.

Speeding Up the Process

The more crew members who are working on the steel structure, the faster that you will be able to erect it. Also, if you hire a structural steel erector who has erected large buildings in the past, they will likely be able to erect your building more quickly.

Experienced structural steel erectors will know tricks such as how a combination of plate and structural shapes are better than a plate alone. One option is to take a 12-inch channel and drill holes for bolts. Then, get the component rolled the proper radius and put a plate inside the open ridge. 

Reducing Complexity

The more complex and custom that the structure will be, the longer it will take to erect it. Therefore, if the speed at which your structure is erected is the most important consideration, you may want to look for more simple ways of having your building constructed. Very wide structures also take longer to construct and require heavier rafter beams.

When you time the construction of your building will affect the speed. Weather can delay the construction of a building and throw off the construction schedule. However, in some cases, the structural steel fabricator will be able to determine a workaround. 

Knowing the Steps of Erecting a Steel Building

The first step in erecting a steel building is to create a foundation. The erector needs to check the accuracy of the anchor bolt settings. The structural steel erector will likely work with a qualified foundation contractor at this stage.

The erector lays out all of the materials and erection instructions come with the building materials. The materials are laid properly on the foundation and the erector first raises the main frame and rafters. The erector installs framed openings and installs the wall and roof sheeting. Then, the erector installs all of the accessories. If you're worried about how much farther your construction has to go, speak with your structural steel erector.

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