Helpful Tips When Recycling Transformers On A Work Site

If there are transformers just collecting on you work site that no longer can be repaired, you might as well have them recycled. This process doesn't have to be very difficult as long as you remember this tips. 

Have Transformers Inspected First

Before you have your transformers completely removed from your work site for recycling purposes, it's a good idea to at least have them inspected first. There could be some transformers that have parts still in good condition.

You need to know about this because it gives you the chance to sell these parts individually and make a pretty substantial profit. The transformer inspector will examine integral parts and make a note of their condition and performance. Then any salvageable parts will be listed in a report that you'll receive at the end. 

Find a Credible Recycling Company

Once the transformers have been inspected and you've removed any parts you want to sell individually, it's important to find the right recycling company. They need to be specialized and deal with transformers a lot because these components are not easy to move and transport.

You want the recycling company having access to specialized equipment that will make this recycling process go by as smoothly as possible. Finding a credible recycling company also gives you added peace of mind because you don't have to worry about anyone getting injured or major damage happening around your work site. 

Compare Offers

Before any company comes out to take your transformers away from your property, it's a good idea to compare offers from several recycling companies. You then will have a better idea of what this scrap metal can go for and subsequently increase your profit amount.

It's a good idea to take pictures of the transformers you wish to have recycled. You can then send them over to multiple recycling companies and they'll see exactly what you have on site.

They can then give you quotes that you can compare to see which option is best from a financial standpoint. Also don't be afraid to bargain with the recycling companies. They may budge on their offer.

There are a lot of work sites that have transformers just sitting out not being used. If you have some, then you'll want to be strategic with how you approach the recycling process. Being patient and assessing different offers can help you come away completely satisfied at the end.

To learn more about transformer recycling services, contact a company near you.