A Storage Solution For Narrow Fabrics And Sewing Notions

A racking system that contains paper film cores that have various sewing notions and plastic wrap wound around them will allow for easy access to the products needed to complete a batch of machine-made garments and prepare buttons, tags, and other accessories that will be shipped with finished goods. Set a racking system up on the floor or a work table or invest in smaller racks that can each be used to support items that one of your employees will be using.

The Reasoning Behind This Type Of Storage

Delicate fabrics, long trim pieces, thick twine, or beaded materials can become tangled together and it may not be convenient to handle individual spools that have a small amount of materials wound around them.

If mass production is essential at your business and the same types of materials are utilized numerous times each day, using a racking system that contains film cores will make it easier to access materials and since the wooden dowels that are used to stabilize the cores will provide resistance, you or one of your employees can use one or both hands to unwind the components necessary, take measurements, and use a cutting device to remove the materials from one of the cores.

Film cores have been used for many years in the film industry, due to the stability of their design and the convenience of being able to keep film products clean, dry, and organized. Cores are also suitable in other industries, since there is no set type of material that must be added to a core and many suppliers offer custom options that will allow a client to choose the width and diameter of a film core.

How This Type Of Setup Will Work

A machine that automatically winds materials around a reel could save time when setting up a racking system, but if you do not own this type of equipment, you can perform the duties by hand. Measure the length and width of each material that will be placed on a racking system. Order enough film cores to support the materials. Use a labeling system to designate a spot on the rack where each fabric or notion type will be stored.

Purchase a floor or tabletop rack system and suspend the film cores horizontally across each dowel. As you or an employee needs materials, the lead from each product type can be grasped and the materials can be unwound from each spool that they are stored on. A cutting device or scissors can be used to cut materials. 

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